Stay Comically Connected

It’s been quite a ride lately. Does the economic spin cycle leave you feeling hung out to dry? You’re not alone.

Since the global economy is so interdependent, the effects are felt everywhere. This can lead to worry, which without the proper fast-acting antidote can result in….stress!

How do we handle this without exploding?

I prescribe a generous dose of tickling the funnybone, one of my preferred subjects. Technology is great, but even the most advanced computer can’t crack a joke or find the humor in a situation. Laughter sends a signal to our brain that everything is okay. Our bodies relax, and the intelligent, creative, problem-solving part of us spontaneously comes out to play.

Here are a few ideas:

At Work:
Have a joke of the day.
Have a cartoon of the day.
Give a prize for the best one.
Bring a weird toy to work and give it to someone who does something productive.
Answer the phone with an unexpected greeting, like “Proudly still in business, can I help you with yours?”
Leave funny cards on peoples’ desks.
Leave them funny notes.
Post outrageous notes on the bulletin board, like “Free Spam sandwiches for everybody!”
Post funny quotes on the bulletin board, like the ones at the end of this post.

At Home:
Watch your favorite sitcom, plus a new one.
Ask the kids what weird thing happened in school today.
Answer the phone with something bizarre, like “Smith Family Home For The Bewildered!”
Send funny cards to people.
Send funny cards to people anonymously.
Play with a 4-year old.
Rent funny movies.
Visit a comedy club and expose yourself to comedians. (In a good way.)

Consider a Comedy Keynote Concert for your employees, like “Analog Brain In A Digital World: Managing Stress With Humor.” This helps us celebrate the best in ourselves and laugh at the rest of ourselves with empowering insights and soul-cleansing laughter.

Remember: when we put our attention on what we can control (how we react to people and events), we don’t feel powerless.


“I know worrying works, because none of the stuff I worried about ever happened.”
-Will Rogers

“More people are killed every year by pigs than by sharks, which shows you how good we are at evaluating risk.”
–Bruce Schneier

“I have known a great many troubles in my life, most of which never happened.”
– Mark Twain

Stay comically connected!

© 2009 Greg Tamblyn
Comedy Keynote Concerts ~ Motivational Humor

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One Response to Stay Comically Connected

  1. Pam Pappas says:

    Hi Greg,

    You and your blog posts are always a breath of fresh air for me — and I love that Will Rogers quote too!

    Maybe I should change the greeting on my office phone to something like, “Welcome to the office of Dr. Pam Pappas, Recovery Central from Tedious Normality.” It might discourage people whose “seriousness titers” are way too high, leaving me to have fun with the rest. :-)

    Thanks for tickling my funnybone regularly.

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