You CAN Buy Happiness

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Three years ago a large group of us visited a girls orphanage in Bali. Many of these girls are not orphans, but their families can’t afford to keep them. Still, the girls are generally happy. They laughed with us, sang with us, and we shared inexpensive gifts with them.

Then we surprised them with something they’d never done before. We brought them back to the posh ARMA resort for some of the best food they’d ever tasted. We took them swimming in the fancy pool (don’t worry, we waited an hour). Then we sang for them (and with them) in a full-out concert. They had an incredible day, and we did too. Everybody got all filled up with love and fun.

It became obvious we could do a lot more. We found out how absurdly cheap it is to feed, clothe, and educate them. We could give them better living conditions, better learning tools (like computers), and a better future, all for a semi-small drop in the bucket.

So we did.

We each sponsored a girl. We send our adopted student letters, encouragement, little gifts, and pay her expenses. They in turn write to us (in English!) with updates, photos, and overflowing thanks.

Girls in an economy-challenged place like Bali (and especially the poorest girls, like ours) have very limited educational and career opportunities. But with our sponsorships and personal interest, we’re making a giant, positive change in their lives. They now have access to education, ideas, and futures many of them had never imagined.

Some of you probably do something similar and know how good this feels. (It feels even better than writing a song, which is about the best feeling there is in my world.) Others of you might like to find out.

You can make a life-changing difference for one of these girls — and for yourself — by joining this community of connection and caring, and sponsoring a girl. (It’s 100% tax-deductible.)

How? It’s easy. Call Bill Taylor.

My good friends Bill and Pat Taylor have made this orphanage their mission. They supervise and oversee all the funds, and make sure ALL of the money goes to the girls. They even pay ALL the administrative expenses out of their own pockets! I have known them a long time, and can personally, wholeheartedly vouch for their utmost integrity and commitment. Bill and Pat are personally sponsoring several girls, and have found sponsors for many more. (Bill is a semi-retired advisor for non-profit organizations.)

Simply contact Bill and he’ll happily share the details with you. It’s that easy. Even if you’re not sure, get in touch with Bill. You’ll be rewarded. He can be reached at (425) 771-7990, or email him: billt4 (at)

One final note. This whole beautiful project would not have happened without the vision and inspiration of the huge-hearted Jana Stanfield. It was her idea to visit and adopt the orphanage. Due to Jana’s busy travel schedule, and the relative freedom of the Taylor’s, Bill and Pat have generously taken on the administration of this project.

P.S. Bill can explain this waaay better than I can. There are a couple of options, and he has all the information.

Thanks! I hope you join us.

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21 Responses to You CAN Buy Happiness

  1. Bill Taylor says:

    Thanks, Greg, for spreading the word about the opportunities to help these wonderful girls in Bali. Rest assured, I’ll respond promptly to any contacts from your posting.


  2. lu pierro says:

    Please send me the costs for sponsoring one of these beautiful girls.. lu

  3. Bea Lovejoy says:

    Thank you for opening your hearts to these girls. And thanks for being there to help others of us reach out.

    I would appreciate more information on how I can join you in this love project.

    Abundant Blessings,

    Bea Lovejoy

  4. Dan Prehn says:

    Please send information.

  5. Carol Alexander says:

    Thanks for letting me know the gift you are giving to these Bali girls and young women — please let me know the cost of sponsoring.

  6. Mary Miesem says:

    Please forward information about the cost of sponsorship. What a wonderful program!

  7. crystal Carroll says:

    Tell me more…cost…. how to communicate….etc.

  8. Lynn Weitzel says:

    Please send info re cost. Also, could they use clothes sewed here or would it be too expensive to ship?

  9. Christine Kril says:

    I love hearing these wonderful stories. Please let me know the cost of sponsoring a wonderful girl!

  10. Beth Carlson says:

    Greg, how cool! I’m in as a sponsor. I’ll call Bill ASAP. As Louie says “What a Wonderful World”! See you soon

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us. We can all help by spreading the word about these lovely girls who so need our support.

    Best regards,

  12. susan lamb says:

    I’d love to know more. The photos are beautiful and making a difference is always beautiful.

  13. Edith James says:

    We will support this project. It moved me deeply! Thanks for sharing!
    Please send support info.

  14. Fionna says:

    Greetings from India,

    Just to say it is great you are all doing this. These grass-root initiatives are the only ones that work! Keep it up and hope to see you all in India one day.

  15. Debbie Young says:

    Hi Greg:
    We met you many years ago in Santa Fe, and have since enjoyed receiving your e-mails. I just sent a letter out to a young girl we are sponsoring in Kenya through CFCA. I will contact Bill as well, as we are eager to affect change in this world through trustworthy people like you and Bill!

    Thanks for all you do.

    Debbie & Steve Young

  16. Fran Pitman says:

    Thank you Greg and Bill for getting the word out about these wonderful girls. How much would it be to sponsor a girl? This is such a beautiful, positive way to connect with people from a different culture….Love and Light, Fran

  17. Cheryl Murphy says:

    I would like to know about the orphanage as well as helping out more orphanages out there!

  18. Mary Marrs says:

    What a wonderful story and photos! Please let me know the details and cost for sponsoring a child. I am thinking my youth ed department at Unity Church of Fredericksburg would have a wonderful experience getting involved. Please send me any and all info. you have.

  19. Lois Benge-Fortin says:

    Wow. Good on everyone! Please let us know what the sponsorship options are. Lois & Mark

  20. David Crass says:

    Kennetha and I are now sponsoring a sweet looking 12 year old, whose ambition is to become a teacher.Thank you so much for letting us know about this. May Angels of Light and Love hover around you, without catching themselves in your guitar strings!

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