The Jokes Were Flying

Southwest Airlines is always wacky and fun, but last night they ramped it up a few notches.

As we sat in the departure lounge waiting for our half-hour delayed flight from KC to Orlando, the gate agent announced on the intercom that we’d be boarding shortly. “Unfortunately,” he said, “we’re going to have to make an unscheduled stop in Raleigh to pick up some stranded passengers, and this will put us into Orlando several hours late, about 2:30 AM.”

As a large group groan began to erupt, he came back on with, “April Fools!”

We all laughed, mainly out of relief, because he definitely got us. And it sure made that half-hour delay seem like nothing.

After we boarded and took off, the pilot apologized for the delay and said we could still arrive on time. “But to do that,” he said, “we’ll have to lighten the load a little. So if everybody could please pass their wallets forward…”

The flight attendants were singing and joking their instructions for most of the flight. As we pulled into the gate, one of them announced, “Be sure and check around your seat. Don’t leave behind any personal problems.”

And you know what?

I didn’t.

© 2011 Greg Tamblyn

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One Response to The Jokes Were Flying

  1. lisa says:

    wow – it was that good? i hope FL lived up to its out of the gate start! funny!

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