New Song: “How ‘Bout That Game”

I have to let you know right up front, the idea for this tune comes from the lovely and talented Lisa Firestone.  (More about her in a minute*)  It’s one of those clever song ideas that made me laugh, then grabbed me by the brain and wouldn’t let go.

It’s called How ‘Bout That Game, and this is a simple guitar/vocal demo done with Garageband software on a Mac. Garageband is cool, but you gotta know what you’re doing. And as you might already be aware, I possess an Analog Brain In A Digital World.

Still, the song is there and all its parts are in the right order. You can listen by clicking the link below. After you listen, just hit your back button to return here and unleash your esteemed personal opinion in the comment box below. Critique it any way you like. Honesty is optional, but usually preferred.

(If you’ve never commented on this blog before, it’ll take a few minutes for your comment to be approved by the Head Maestro – me – but don’t worry, it’ll show up!)

– FYI –  it’s not meant to be a “comedy” song.  More like a cute/clever love song with a lot of wordplay. Cool?  So what do you think?  Is it finished?  Is it close?  Or do we need to pat it on the head, send it out to the cornfield, and start over?

Thanks for listening!

How ‘Bout That Game

Lisa Firestone is a gifted singer/songwriter who has a wild and beautiful new CD. It’s making some big noise (in a very good way) and you can check her out at her website and her Facebook Fan Page.

© 2011 Greg Tamblyn



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114 Responses to New Song: “How ‘Bout That Game”

  1. meryl ann says:

    first impression – hilarious, and just perfect for you to sing….i like the “win-win” message too, lol! ;-)

  2. Kathleen Osta says:

    It’s cute – and I don’t know much about sports so the sports references were lost on me. I sort of knew that they were mixed up but they were hard to follow for me. The basic premise is definitely clever though.

    I guess that means I think it needs more work so that anyone would get it – maybe.

    thanks for asking for input, Greg. Rock on!

    • admin says:

      Hmmm…more work? Back to the drawing board? Back to the coal mines? Back to the practice field? Back to better metaphors?
      Thanks Kathleen!

  3. Betsy says:

    Well, I wanted to laugh and I love sports, but didn’t laugh and was disappointed that I didn’t cause I love your humor. Oh, well. Maybe it hits home runs with others. Love, B

  4. Dave says:

    I think you just smacked a home birdie! I love it!

  5. Phyllis Paulson says:

    Hi Greg…I think that is really good (and funny). Perfect for you.
    From Dave and Candi’s friend.

  6. Shannon Modrell says:

    Cute, very cute! BTW how’d you get to be so clever…..

  7. Amy Baker says:

    Love it, love it! Very funny. I could see you singing this back in the old days in Lawrence at Up & Under :-)

  8. Bea says:

    Loved it – crazy, mixed-up, like YOU!!! :)

  9. Margee says:

    I had to go back and read all the comments, because I really don’t think it is up to Tamblyn par — like Jesus was Single (not the accurate title, but you get the idea) or Analog Brain in a Digital World, e.g. I though maybe I was the long ranger of naysayers, but I see that Betsy sees it as not your best either. You have set a high bar for yourself, bard.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Margee, all feedback is appreciated and helpful, and will be seriously considered by my occasionally sober inner guide, Clyde.

  10. Shelly from WA says:

    Funny I took your book with me to read today (yes I bought it a long time ago and have not read it/I was saving it for a special occasion) while I had my car worked on…listened to the ‘fixed’ CD player using Analog Brain and then came home to find this email! Okay, I agree with Kathleen that some sports refs. are above my head. consideration of garageband etc., maybe more upbeat like your song ‘why they broke up’ HaHa
    Why are you listening to us. no one ever agrees on anything, TRUST YOUR FUNNY-BONE Is that a song title? if not I want copy rights:-D

  11. Joseph says:

    I got the idea of a girl wanting to get a boy by using lots of mixed up sports jargon to impress the boy. Maybe that would work if the girl was really good looking. I’m not very much into sports so the “cuteness” of the story didn’t work so well. Maybe not so many sports ~ maybe just one sport in depth or make up a new sport??? What about the game of love ~ intermingled with sports references??? Like in, “Drop kick me Bobby through the goal posts of life…” Maybe not that one, sounds too abusive…

  12. Katherine says:

    Hey, fun song….being very challenged in the sports department, I miss the references myself…I was in a sports bar once, had no clue who was playing or what was happening but enjoyed yelling like hell when the guys did…Had I only known after the game all I had to say was “How Bout that Game.” Many, many lost opportunities there.

  13. Mostly all your songs raise my giggle factor up. This song is catchy and clever yet had me left braining too much. Maybe more chorus?

    • admin says:

      Thanks Char. It IS wordy, and probably more enjoyable if you know all the sports terms. But as I mentioned above, not meant to be laugh out loud funny, just “clever” funny. Maybe I pumped up expectations for humor in the blog post. Didn’t mean to do that….

  14. Derek says:

    Hi Greg,
    I thought it was good, I loved the basic concept, found it amusing, but not laugh out loud funny like I’ve found most of your other songs to be. Not being American I missed a lot of the sports metaphors too, so I guess if you want to appeal to a wider international audience you should drop in some more international sports metaphors.
    I noticed in the comments that you say none of us have cracked the secret code, perhaps that’s because it’s too well hidden?

    • admin says:

      Thanks Derek. International sports terms?? Hmmm…wickets?
      See, if I knew anything about international sports, that might be a possibility. :)
      This wasn’t meant to be laugh out loud funny. Just hopefully a fun song, and preferably a good one…

  15. Dave says:

    I think it’s cute…but not your best. It’s a put-down on women, and has some not so subtle sexual inuendos.

    • admin says:

      Dave, you got the sexual innuendos, congrats. But how is it a put down on women? Haven’t heard that from any of the women so far. Plus, it was a woman’s idea!
      Thanks for listening!

  16. Denese says:

    I really got a kickoff it!

  17. Sky says:

    Clever premise, fun lyrics–cute song. The innuendo was delicate, not overstated. Would you lay down a new vocal track? You sounded perhaps a bit tired, your voice a little pinched. (must have been all that cheering…)

  18. Catherine says:

    Stick a fork in it. It’s definitely done, but not over done. The message is very clever.

  19. Ellen Swanson says:

    Great one! A keeper for sure. Just was a little muffled on my speakers so would have liked the words printed out so I could have been sure to get all the zany references.

    Hey, when are you coming to the Twin Cities again? We’ve been neglected the last number of years. Did you give up on us, or just the weather up here? Sure have missed you. I love doing interpretive dancing to some of your songs. “The Night I Left My Body” and “Leftover” are really fun.

    • admin says:

      Hey Ellen – good idea. I’ll get the words up for ya.
      LOVE to come back to the Twins! I’ll see what I can cook up. Thanks for the nudge.

  20. nance says:

    it’s sad, and cute, want a little more twisted Greg style humor (I am a spoiled fan, after all) and maybe slow down the bogey home run birdie metaphors so I (yep,sports challenged, too) can follow… Got any instant magic dust you can throw at it??

  21. Gaila says:

    Hmmmm…..too much and all over the sports’ fields. Whew!! For me it came across as trying too hard to be clever. I guess I love your songs so much for their wit (and sometimes heart touching depths) that this one didn’t even come close. But then this is subjective, isn’t it?

  22. Thanks Greg
    I’m a sports freak – but a ‘Limey’ across the pond and so all the sporting references were lost on me I’m sad to say. I have never mastered the understanding of your two major sports – gave up trying years ago! What I always get from all your work is your beautiful heart. I’ve never seen you or heard you live but I keep having a picture of Robin Williams in Patch Adams when I listen to your songs. So this one wouldn’t be one I’d play over. Keep up the great fun work Greg.

    • admin says:

      Thanks John. I can relate. I’m only beginning to understand soccer. Cricket? Hurling? Rugby? I’m helpless.
      Much appreciate your kind words…

  23. Niomi says:

    Liked the tune and the way you sang it. The lyrics were confusing and maybe a little too “cute”.

  24. Kate says:

    You naughty (and confused) boy! It’s a hat trick for sure!

  25. Trish Cullinan says:

    no, don’t send it back! It fits your style just fine. Mixing it all up with various sports had me confused at first, because I’m NOT a sports person. But I love that aspect of the song! Best of all is the wink and, “hey, batter!” :0
    We gotta stay light.


  26. Lynne says:

    Well, it’s funny, it rhymes, the tune is catchy, it’s about sports, and it’s kinda naughty. Don’t know what more one can expect from a tune. Oughta appeal…even to the likes of me who gets the metaphor but gets nothing about sports.
    Keep on singing!

  27. Carolyn says:

    It’s cute and has cool innuendos BUT, since I’m not a sports fan, I didn’t get half of it. I think I see what you’re trying to do though.

  28. Alan says:

    It’s a bit slow – that’s why it seems to drag for me. I suggest you increase the tempo a lot, and ESPECIALLY modulate your voice-tone to sing more like a woman. Your subject sounds tired and confused, and I expect her to exhibit (if not explode with) exasperation. I want her to be on fire. All the balls (pun intended) will be in his court until you succeed in making me root for her!

  29. Lynn says:

    Hi, Love your stuff. This song was cute. I grew up with sports -played in HS and got all the metaphors. I think it’s a good song filler between some of your hilarious ones like Digital World, etc. I agree that it is something of a put down to women -like they don’t know much about sports, but use it to get a man -something like that.
    Keep on writing -your stuff is moving us forward. Have you read The Field of Compassion? -uses Rupert Sheldrake’s and other’s work. luv ya, Lynn

    • admin says:

      Thanks Lynn. I’m sorry you feel it’s a put down to women, because the woman who had the idea certainly doesn’t feel that way. If anything, the idea is more of a stereotyping of men…like, sports is all they can talk about. So maybe this means I didn’t write it well enough!

  30. Margot says:

    Yes, I agree with Allan. You should sound more like a girl with an intention. It’s just sort of sing-songy now. for me the sports references went by too fast… no time to create an absurd image in my mind. Is she fishing for a reference that would fit the game he must have just watched? that would be a clever idea.
    We love your performances.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Margot. I have absolutely NO idea how to do what you and Alan are suggesting! I’m smiling as I think about it, but no clue. I guess I could sing falsetto, but you wouldn’t want to hear that, trust me.

  31. Marie says:

    I have never liked sports period. However, there are many out there that do and some are even women and yes, some women use ‘sports’ to wiggle their way into a man’s field of vision… SO, just because it isn’t liked by most is no reason to discount it and not use it. You have worked your GT magic in this ‘sports’ arena world. There is no need to have EVERY song be knock down hilarious and have us rolling on the floor laughing… it’s good to be able to breathe once in a while :) There is room for different kinds of humor and this is yet another aspect. Keep on keeping on.

  32. Sarah says:

    I like your humor best when you make us laugh at
    ourselves and use references to psychobabble or
    “up your consciousness” . Like “Rapture on the Rocks”
    etc. or “Transformation tango “. I think you get my drift.
    All humor is good just this one struck out for me.

  33. JOHN says:

    Greg I enjoyed the new song. I got a nice connection message that being simple and present is true intimacy. Isn’t that what really matters. Love all the sports catch lines. Upbeat, positive and very slick indeed. Bravo again and thank you Greg!

  34. Ray Hopkins says:

    Have loved your music over the years, this one was a “miss” for me. Keep writing I love your humor!

  35. Andy Budd says:

    Love the concept. Chorus is almost there, storyline needs a little work. With a little more fine tuning lyrically, this could be a winner. Just one songwriter to another. I love all your stuff, please don’t be offended.
    Andy Budd

  36. Debbie says:

    Hey Greg,

    I liked the song, but do feel it needs more work. I’m a woman that did understand the sports references, and like the play on words, but it left me wanting more “story”. Your songs always tell a story and this just gives me the opening. I don’t think you need to change your voice, but upping the tempo, especially during the sporting references, might be beneficial.

  37. Susan says:

    Great idea, but too hard to follow. I’m not into sports so the different references were totally lost on me. As much as I love many of your songs, this one is not singable, which is one of the reasons a tune becomes popular (it stays in the brain). There’s too much back and forth. Maybe I’m too traditional, but I like short stanzas (even long stanzas are okay in the right moment). In this, I just kept waiting and waiting for the familiar, “oh yeah, that’s where we are (in the song)”…. Keep working on it, it’s a cute idea !

  38. Diane Manetz says:

    Hiya Greg! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your creative process! One of the things that makes your music great is the joy of self-recognition in your music. I didn’t know anyone in this song so I was disconnected. The sports references were indeed too fast to be enjoyed for me and I didn’t pick up on the innuendo. It’s not what I’ve come to expect (and love) from you. The tune was enjoyable.

    Thanks for all you do to make the world a brighter place!

  39. Dave E says:

    He shoots, he scores……and the crowd goes wild. It seems in the bigger game, love wins. How ’bout that game? Build the pace and add a bit of victory and the “hey batter” hits a grand slam of love. At first the pace was a bit overwhelming and I’m not a sports nut either but it is a song that grows on you. I love your work and perspective. It is done when you say so.

  40. Ken says:

    Made me smile. Definitely liked it. could be a little longer, left me wanting more. Loved the “wink, batter up” line. Lot’s of underlying innuendo that I really enjoy. Makes the uptight squirm in their seat a little.

    Thanks for all you do.

  41. Bill says:

    I liked it Greg. I found myself smiling throughout as my twisted mind picked up on a LOT of sexual metaphors! As a well versed sports fan, I understood all the terminology. Sports ignorance (not stupidity) would definitely diminish one’s appreciation of the song – but I really did like it. Good melody, well delivered. Not your best by a foul shot, but I thought you deftly laid the puck right in the wide receiver’s mitt. Good job!

  42. Lighthearted and fun… also missed the sports references…glad to know there are others out there like me.

    I am glad to know you did this with GarageBand. I will ask my Apple guys at my lesson how to do that.

    P.S. I have a new song about making Compost! for my young students and for young gardeners.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Kathryn, good to know you could enjoy the overall feeling without knowing the references. Garageband is cool for sure, and the more you learn the better it is. LOVE to hear your compost song sometime! It’s a dirty subject…

  43. John Jessup says:

    I started to read other comments, then thought better of it so as not to color my first impressions. It’s a clever idea, with the given that non-sports people may not get the mixed up references. I’m probably over-thinking this, but while the innuendo becomes apparent early on, it leaves the question open as to whether she’s a sports fan who is intentionally mixing references for the sake of getting the message through to the guy who’s glued to the hockey match on TV…or whether she’s attempting to be smart about sports and missing the mark, which could be seen as a put-down, but I don’t think that’s the case. I like the former, and it evokes a fantasy of having a woman fake left and go right, knocking me off my feet in the process.

    Yeah, I’d re-do the vocal. It did sound a bit 3 a.m.-ish! Good stuff, Greg, and thanks for the chance to give feedback. And nice idea, Ms. Firestone!

    • admin says:

      Hey Mr. Jessup, I think you’ve come closer than anybody to getting the whole thing and what I was trying to do. (Not surprising for a Nebraskan out on the prairie who has time to cogitate!) Thank for your considered commentary.

  44. Kate Rowland says:

    I love ‘How ‘Bout That Game”. It is clever, sweet, loving. funny, and very sexy flirtatious. The mixed up sports references made me laugh. I love all the flirty double entendres too. Your sweet nature shines through on this, like all your songs. Thanks for sharing it.

  45. Rosemarie Rossetti says:

    Batter up my friend! Seems like a good new song for your vast collection. At first I had trouble understanding the sports commentary. The second time I heard it, I realized how the comments were very mixed up based on the sport that was being described. How can this be even funnier in your delivery or in the lyrics so that the audience will laugh the first time they hear this section? A little tweaking may be all that you need. Good luck with this future winner!

  46. susan says:

    I guess one really has to know sports to get all of this, but I do, and I love it! It’s funny and naughty, and very cute. I’m not sure it will appeal to everyone, but I think it’s adorable!!

  47. Kennetha says:

    And all these years I have been saying “How ’bout them Sooner” — who knew?
    If it is “clever” that you are shooting for—you hit a home run!

    • admin says:

      Kennetha, “How ’bout them Sonners?” should work great in Oklahoma. But now you have a backup line for out-of-state.

  48. meryl ann says:

    A coupla more thoughts after listening again…

    It’s funny, it’s catchy, it’s seductive. A slightly faster tempo might be something to experiment with, maybe on selected parts. (Or, just speed up the whole recording to sound like the chipmunks, that should take care of the “higher voice” issue!)

    Disclaimer: I’m not very sports-conscious (here’s proof: when my girl friend called me up one afternoon to say –‘Hey we got free box seats for the Dodgers game tonight, wanna go?’ – I said “Dodgers? Is that baseball?” – and she said “Dunno, I think so.”) SHEESH! I guess lotsa fans woulda thought those seats were wasted on us! But it was exciting, and the pitcher pitched the first shut out game of his career!

    so anyways, I don’t know all those sporty terms either, but I can sure interpolate! I also took into consideration that this was not a perfected soundtrack and that I didn’t have the lyrics (those would be good to see) … I know that a lot more implications can get stirred up in a live performance when you do your wicked eye thing! (grin)

    I love the Pointer Sisters’ “Slow Hand” and those kinds of clever innuendos that are also in this song. I didn’t feel any put down to women (and I am pretty sensitive to that sort of thing!) Au contraire, I thought it was more of a “dumb guy” thing …( ie the only way to really get a guy’s attention is to talk sports…

    I do love the ultimate concept of “we win” – winning together is a lovely thing indeed, o-o-o-o-o-o, baby! uh-huh! ;-)

    Anyway, I think it’s very close to perfection, and just needs a little more o’ dat Tamblyn patina.

    What’s the secret thing?

    PS-I’m a NY’er. I found out later they were the BROOKLYN Dodgers,spirited away to the other coast. Now if somebody had o’ told me that, I woulda know’d it was baseball.

    • admin says:

      Meryl Ann – Bingo! Thanks for these coherent cogitations. Someone finally got it, or at least got it and expressed it here. The “code” is that the sexual innuendos are a message (using sports terms) from her to him to “take it slow,” because if you take it slow – the seduction, the lovemaking, the relationship, whatever – then we both win.

      And the second verse shows that he got the message because they’re still together.

      Now, the fact that no one really got that — or at least expressed it — until you, could very well mean it’s too subtle and I didn’t write it very well. Gotta think about that, along with all the other stuff.

  49. Misty says:

    Cute and catchy. I like it! ?

  50. Jennifer says:

    Hi Greg,
    Very clever song, but a bit too racy for me. I felt embarrassed and left before it was completely finished because of the way it was making me feel (uncomfortable). But that is just me, and I am suspecting you were a bit uncomfortable too which is why you asked for feedback.

    I love your work and always look forward to your visits to Sacramento.

  51. Carol Alexander says:

    Greg – It is sort of “cute” — but not being a sports fan it didn’t mean much to me. I like “Atoms” much better

  52. Trina says:

    Greg, I thought the refrain with the mixed up sports references was catchy and very cute. It captures the male/female dynamic well. Definitely worth keeping. Great tune.

  53. Chuck Gunn says:

    Good to hear from you Greg! I think I get the gist of the song, but the mixed sports lingo had me distracted for some reason. Cute idea, but didn’t catch my imagination like most of your tunes do. Keep swinging for the end zone!

  54. meryl ann says:

    well, i still think you are 95% there with this, but that last 5% can be the thread that sews it all up real neat … I’ll listen again, but I am tryin’ to remember – … do you have any “slow ball/fast ball” lyrics in there? A line or 2 about that might clear up the “code” for folks – i got it right away (see my reference to “win-win” in my first comment) but then again I’s a riter , so i might be paying more attention to that stuff …. i can see that it could slip by folks…

    Anyway I think keeping it all feeling sorta “Mae West-ish” or Groucho Marx-y clever keeps the vibe cute and funny while still sexy.

    I think the comments about the mixed metaphors might be on target ( Speaking of metaphors, one of my fav Marxisms: “When marriage goes out the door, love comes innuendo!) .. or something like that..)

    it feels fine to mix the metaphors up in the song- however to create a bit more cohesion, i wonder if its possible to maybe group the football metaphors closer together and the baseball metaphors together a little more? – of course if you move anything, then there’s the issue of rhyming! OMG.
    But you are the rhymin’ King, and there’s plenty o’ loose words out there…

  55. Rev Skip says:

    Very cute while quite sexy. This will be lots of fun for you in late night club gigs, but probably won’t get much play on Sunday mornings.

  56. meryl ann says:

    LOL Rev Skip you crack me up!

  57. Toogie says:

    I enjoyed the tongue-in -cheek humor. A little confusing, but still good.
    Good to hear you sing!

  58. Karen says:

    I liked the words and concept…It sounded a bit like me. I think it could use more tune or melody to make it more listenable (is that a word?) Keep up the good work.

  59. Karen says:

    I read some of the comments and listened again and just “got it” ! Subtle (to slow, innocent ones like me) but clever!

  60. leland says:

    GR8 idea and well done Greg! “Hey Batter”….hehheheee, at least you didn’t follow it with a golf analogy of “hitting” a “hole in one”……………………

  61. Van says:

    Hi Greg,
    I don’t understanad sports at all so most of it was lost upon me but I did get some of the word play—I think. (Reading some comments helped) :-)
    To me the lyrics and tune don’t go together—they seem disjointed but I am not a song writer either–.
    Thx for introducing me to Lisa–I love her new song-and I hope its successful for her.
    I want you to know youv’e inspired me—yep! When I saw you sing last summer I desided I could do that so I got up the courage, got on stage and sang—-badly –but I was up there—-and realized how hard it truly is—kudos to you for doing so well at it.
    When I am out Karaoking–i’ve noticed that many people, especially women, seem to like the old 60′s R&R songs—perhaps you could match one of the old melodies up with the words and see what happens—-.
    Thanks for letting us add our input—

  62. Nancy Layne says:


    Your girlfriend is a very intuitive person who has been sitting through sports for years and still doesn’t care about them. But she loooooooves YOU. I know because I’m just like her and my sports knowlege is just as vast as hers.

    Love it. Identify with it. So glad you came up with it.


  63. Sue says:

    Sorry – I am not a sports fan – so I am not certain I have a comment worth considering. It was just words.

  64. Melanie says:

    Definitely in keeping with Greg T humor! I’m not a big sports fan so didn’t understand much of it… but I understood enough to get the point! What a great girlfriend you have!

  65. Purple says:

    Your word play is legion … and, I think the Girlfriend’s ‘game’ sounds like a lot more phun than all that other silly stuphph.
    Wisdom entails being choosey about the directions in which one wishes to exert themselves …no?

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