Comical Kiwi Land

A Few Funnier Photos from our New Zealand group tour

Anywhere you travel in the world, you can find some local version of deep-fried dough:

No idea what a golden hippo is doing in New Zealand:

“Going green” over here means kiwi juice for breakfast:

Is this the right way?

Appeals on wheels:

Lunch menu out in the country:

There are many wild pigs in New Zealand:

Tough choice: the Prestige or the Affordable?  (And why is the Prestige smaller?)

The lovely, tall, athletic, Maori lady on the left is our Waka (war canoe) paddling instructor. She also plays roller derby professionally and quite obviously likes to dress distinctively. (The lovely lady on the right is Juanita Potter, one of our group.)

Good fit!  Bookstore T-shirt modeled by Rev. Heidi:

Gay marriage has been legal in NZ since 2013. One of our tour guides, Heather, and her happy partner Louise, sporting another cool shirt:

Jeremy Clarkson is a Brit known for spouting some outrageous stuff, usually tongue in cheek. (These Kiwis really like quotes on their cars):

And their t-shirts get right to the point:

JUST EAT IT?  Had to find out what a “GLUTER-FREE” cookie tastes like:

JUST EAT IT!  Very proud of their lamb over here:

Not what it looks like!  The sheep just got a haircut!

Making friends with a sheared sheep:

Sheep selfie:

“What are you looking at? So it’s a sheep farm. So what?”

JUST EAT IT!  Mexican restaurant. Possible dig at you-know-who:

JUST EAT IT!  This sign does NOT make me want to shop here:

Do they flush with hot water?  Restrooms in geothermal country:

Interesting choice:

Tolkien fans: the Queenstown airport is the Middle of Middle Earth!

All photos © 2017 Greg Tamblyn

We had a great time down under over yonder. New Zealand is a fun country, and probably the most consistently scenic place on the planet. I highly recommend going there with Overseas Adventure Travel. Let me know if you wanna go, and I’ll get you some coupons for a $100 discount.

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5 Responses to Comical Kiwi Land

  1. Susan Shapiro says:

    The photos are hilarious! What an adventure you all had!

  2. Mary says:

    Wow glad you had a great time!

  3. Great pics! Fun!
    Coming to No central Fl anytime for a concert?
    1.5 hours south of Gainesville
    1.5 hours north and west of Orlando
    Sanctuary seats 220.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Enjoyed the pics! I had a great time in Costa Rica, but I definitely want to travel to New Zealand some day. Love OAT!

  5. Karen Hanshaw says:

    Absolutely the best trip ever. I was so blessed to be one of the elite group of Mother Flockers. I really enjoyed your pictures Greg as well as your commentary. Keep em coming.

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