Friends, Lovers, Fellow Travelers,

Thanks for checking out our Beautiful Ecuador, South to North Tour (January 11), with optional extensions cruising the Galapagos (January 21).

I challenge you to read our day-by-day itinerary and not be reaching for your passport! (But you might want to read the rest of this post before you click over there.)

Cotopaxi, the world’s highest active volcano:

Galapagos Green Sea Turtle:

Here’s the skinny:

I’ve spent the last several weeks working with Jenna at Adventure-Life Tours to create a custom tour that includes the best of just about everything Ecuador has to offer:

  • Historic, charming cities
  • Ancient Inca ruins
  • Breathtaking national parks
  • Multiple fascinating ecosystems
  • The world’s highest active volcano
  • Colorful native markets
  • Local culinary specialties
  • Lodging in quaint hotels and historic haciendas
  • A spectacular mountain train ride
  • and more…

The tour continues with optional extensions of 4 days or 8 days cruising the Galapagos. We’re offering two extensions simply to give you flexibility. But everyone who extends can be together for the first 4 days, so our camaraderie continues.

The Galapagos (as if you didn’t know) are the isolated and now protected islands that inspired Charles Darwin to form his theory of evolution. You can expect to see a wide variety of birds, tortoises, sea turtles, sea lions, colorful fish, and much more. You can snorkel as much as you like. We’ll be in the company of professional guides the entire time. We’ll be cruising in twin boats with comfortable cabins and all meals included.

It’s going to be so fun.

Why Adventure-Life Tours?

Adventure-Life Tours is the company we traveled with to Peru and Machu Picchu several years ago.  They’re a first-class tour company with excellent personalized service. They are known for their unique itineraries and exceptional guides. And Ecuador is one of their specialties. I’m thrilled to be working with them again.

Ecuador’s World-Famous Otovalo Market, filled with handmade native crafts:

Galapagos sea lions:

Before you pop over to our Adventure Life website for our full itinerary, more photos, maps, and more, here are the answers to your important questions:

  • We need a minimum of 10 travelers (including me) to make the trip happen.
  • The price for 10-13 travelers for the Ecuador portion is $2,495, plus airfare. If we get 14 or more, the price starts dropping. (Details at the tour website.)
  • This price includes all transfers, all transport within Ecuador, most meals (and several special meals), a full-time guide, and more.
  • If you’d like a single room, the single supplement is $500. (Tours like this are usually more fun with a friend anyway.)
  • The Galapagos extensions start at $1,660 plus airfare from Ecuador. The price depends on your choice of cabins, and whether you choose the 4-day or 8-day extension. (All of these details are at the links below.)
  • We have about six weeks to confirm 10 travelers, till Nov. 2.
  • Feel free to invite friends who you feel would be a good fit for our positive group of spiritual explorers.
  • Deposit is $400. Full payment is due November 2.
  • If for some reason we don’t have 10 travelers by November 2, all payments are refunded.
  • To confirm your space, or for any questions, please call Jenna at Adventure-Life on her direct line: 406-541-2678. If she can’t answer, just leave a message and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.
  • Jenna is delightful, and will delightfully answer any and all of your questions. She can explain the cabin choices for the Galapagos Cruises, and help you with airfare if you’d like her to.
  • Before you call Jenna, please explore our tour website (link below).

NOTE: The faster we confirm 10 travelers, the sooner we can book our airfare. Don’t dawdle!

If you’ve never traveled with me before, we’re positive, open-minded explorers who enjoy new experiences and new horizons. We enjoy getting to know each other, and the new people and places we visit. We make time for connecting with each other. Whenever possible we sing, and tell jokes and stories. (I’ll have my guitar along, and share as many songs and stories as you can stand.)

Our one basic rule is: No Whining!

Check Out The Tour Website

Jenna has put together a special website just for us. You’ll see a menu for:

  • Overview
  • Full itinerary
  • Accommodations (the Haciendas look amazing)
  • Maps
  • Dates and Prices
  • and more

The links to the 4-day and 8-day Galapagos extensions are at the bottom of the Full Itinerary page.

Please explore all the pages. Click on the photos to enlarge them and read captions.

Feel free to get in touch with me or Jenna if you have questions.

I hope you’ll join us on this adventure to Ecuador and The Galapagos!

Shoot me an email after you sign up so I know you’re on board. :)

Overview page – click here

Full Itinerary Page – click here

Feel free to leave comments and questions below.

The Devil’s Nose Train Ride:

One of Ecuador’s Stunning National Parks:

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  1. Marian Phillips Vail says:

    It looks great Greg. I’ll have to think it over, and try to get a friend to go with me. I’ll get back to you asap.

  2. Gay Gorden says:

    Ecuador & the Galapagos islands well worth the price & effort to get there. The country is beautiful and the Galapagos animals are truely not frightened of people (unless you step on their young.) You can swim with sea lions and photograph critters up close that look like they are from the Jurassic era. You will absolutely know that YOU are an animal just like them. I can still vividly remember every amazing stop on this adventure that I took forty years ago!

  3. Melanie White says:

    Would love to come. Let me see if I can get off work.

  4. Mark and Polly says:

    We’ll come if you promise there’ll be bungy jumping involved. LOL

  5. Mark and Polly says:

    Thank you Greg for pulling this together.
    Just spoke with Jenna at Adventure Life and told her we will book for the land tour and 4-day Galapagos extension. It’s a short timeline (November 2nd) for pulling together the 10-person minimum.

    Hope others sign up.

    We went to New Zealand with Greg last year and it was a BLAST! We had a great group and shared many laughs.

  6. Lynne Key says:

    Hey, Greg,
    Ohhhhhh! I signed up for the posi festival just last night. I don’t think my budget and time away from Buster will stretch that far. I would LOVE to do the trip. I love your newsletters and I’m going to investigate the music book et al. Blessings, Lynne

  7. Ann Leavell says:

    Hello, Greg, apparently you took me off your dance card. I did not get this, had to depend on friend to forward it (what if she had been in a snit?!)
    I would love to go but will have to check my finances. Hmm, maybe if I don’t pay my taxes, I can swing it….

  8. Clint Ritchie says:

    Hi Greg,
    Remember me from Auburn CA! We have sung together at Unity of Auburn and Lake Tahoe’s Zephyr Cove. I am interested in traveling to Ecuador and The Galapogas and Mach Picchu. I have checked into a tour with Odyssey Unlimited (Machu Picchu to the Galapagos) but it is very expensive ($17,186+) for Maxine and me. I would rather travel with you and sing my way around the world. What say you?

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