When I Get Old I’m Going To Wear Red – (poem)

This fun little verse was written by Joanne Pope, a long-time family friend, now in her nineties. She and my mother have been good friends¬†since they were in college together, something like 70 years. Because Joanne didn’t have a daughter, she was especially close to my sister Claudia, who recently passed on. The two of them are in the photo at the bottom.

This poem is obviously Joanne’s take on the more famous one about wearing purple. I suspect one of the reasons Joanne wanted me to have it is because Claudia didn’t get the chance to be old.

Thank you Jody. :)

When I Get Old I’m Going To Wear Red

When I get old
I’m going to wear red
And live on Chocolate
And read in bed

And have six olives
In my martini
And smoke cigars
In my bikini

And learn to ski
Without a care
And wear fake nails
And dye my hair

I’ll have flamingos
In my front lawn
And play old records
And dance till dawn

I’ll win at bridge
And know each card
And raid the fridge
And cook with lard!

I’ll never listen
Just talk instead
When I get old
And I wear red!

© 1999 Joanne Pope

Claudo and Jody

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