Cruise Greece, Coatia, the Adriatic, & the Dalmatian Coast, April 2019

Welcome, and thanks for checking out my Hidden Gems of Greece and the Dalmatian Coast, A Small Ship Cruise, April 13-28, 2019. Cabins start at $6,745. (See below.)

Scroll down for more photos and all info…

Dalmatian Coast Cruise Map

Dalmatian Coast Cruise Map

View From Wall

Small ship means a maximum of 50 passengers. Our entire group will be a maximum of 25 people, or half the boat. Here’s a shot of our ship, The Athena:

Small ship AthenaAnd an interior shot:

Interior Ship


Ever since that five years of Latin back in high school and college, I’ve been fascinated with the classical world and wanted to visit Greece. In addition, lately I’ve heard from several friends how much fun they had in Croatia, how much they loved the people and the culture. So here’s a cruise that combines the best of both. (With stops in Montenegro and Albania for good measure.)

Not only that, it happens on one of the lovely small ships that you’ve probably heard so much about. The advantages are obvious, but let me list a few things:

  1. Hidden Gems. The small ship means we can go to small ports that large ships can’t even get close to. We won’t be invading some coastal harbor with hundreds or thousands of American tourists. We’ll actually get to visit with the locals and spend casual time with them.
  2. Personal Attention. The staff, the crew will all get to know us, our likes and preferences. We’ll get to know them, too.
  3. It’s one of the two highest-rated cruises at Grand Circle/OAT. Read the customer reviews. They will bowl you over. (They’re unedited.) Aside from a couple of minor complaints (since corrected) everybody loves this cruise. And they love the local trip leaders.
  4. Grand Circle. This is the sister company of Overseas Adventure Travel, the same company we used to go to Tanzania and New Zealand. Five star rating, and I’ve been totally impressed with how they go the extra mile.
  5. Tour Leaders. We’ll have our own tour leader who is with us throughout our adventure to inform us, guide us, and take us to local guides as well. One of the features of OAT/Grand Circle that I absolutely love is the quality of their trip leaders: intelligence, knowledge, personality.
  6. Scenery. The Dalmatian Coast offers a combination of mountains, ancient cities and clear blue water like few places on earth. Ditto for Greece.
  7. History. Greece? Enough said. But Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania also have rich, vibrant histories and cultures.
  8. Food and wine. The on-board meals are described as some of the best in ocean travel, and the local meals on land feature an amazing variety of local dishes and specialties. Wines, too, if you like. We’ll also be treated to in-home meals by local hosts.
  9. Cruising. Same room every night. No packing or unpacking!
  10. Weather. Mean daytime temps in April should range from the mid 60s to the mid 70s. Nighttime, perfect sleeping weather of 50-60.
  11. Timing. It’s early in the season, so the local residents will be happy to see us.
  12. Price. OAT/GCT has a best price guarantee for this cruise. If you find a lower price for a similar cruise, they’ll match it.
  13. Flexibility. We have a range of cabins to select from, also.
  14. Extras. We have optional pre-trip (Athens, Olympia, Nafplion, 5 days) and post-trip (gorgeous Bled, Slovenia, 3 days) extensions.

Ship at seaDelphi in Greece:Delphi


If you’ve never traveled with me, we’re positive, open-minded explorers who enjoy new experiences and new horizons. We enjoy getting to know each other, and the new people and places we visit. We make time for connecting with each other. Whenever possible, we sing, and tell jokes and stories. (I’ll have my guitar along, and share as many songs and stories as you can stand.)

Our one basic rule is: No Whining.


Home-hosted meal, local specialties:Peppers


When: April 13-28
Where: Greece, Croatia, Albania, Adriatic Sea, Dalmatian Coast
Who: Grand Circle Cruises (5 star rating)
What: Hidden Gems of the Dalmatian Coast and Greece. (5-star rating.) We’ll be going south to north, starting in Athens.

How Many: Our group is limited to 25 travelers, including me. We need at least ten (10) travelers by July 11 (7/11) to make the group happen. So please make your deposit asap. In the event we don’t have ten by July 11, you’ll get a full refund if you choose. (You can always elect to go on the trip anyway.)

Options: Pre and post trip extensions in Greece (Athens, Olympia, Nafplion) and Slovenia (Bled).

How Much: $6,745 per person, plus airfare *

* There are four cabin levels, with varying prices

* All rooms are doubles on this cruise. Bring a friend! ALSO: We’ll be happy to find you a roommate. Just let OAT know you’re a share requestor. (We’ll pretty much only going to be in our rooms to sleep anyway.)

* I did not find a better or even comparable price for a tour like this anywhere online. And Grand Circle has a “Best Price Guarantee.” If you find a better price for a comparable cruise, they’ll match it.

* Airfare options are many and flexible. The tour company does a great job of arranging airfare for you, or you can arrange your own, or they’ll even let you compare their best price with whatever you can find. NOTE: If OAT arranges your airfare, it includes all transfers, which is a real convenience in a new country.

Zagreb Cruising Into Port

Videos, Detailed Itinerary, FAQs

This is the best travel company website I’ve encountered. Watch videos of the cruise, the people, the guides. See maps of the itinerary, read reviews, and get a day-by-day account of our activities. You can get all your questions answered about food, lodging, packing, and almost anything else you can think of.

Visit the tour website:  CLICK HERE

This cruise is so popular there are 35 videos about it on the website. To help you sort through them, here are the titles of some I especially enjoyed:

TRIP VIDEOS: Discover our Mediterranean small ships

INDEPENDENT FILMS: Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

TRIP VIDEOS: Trip Leader: Luci Duzevic


I can also email you a pdf brochure with all details and an extensive itinerary. Just let me know!


Call Grand Circle at this number: 800-353-6262, option 2.
When you make your reservation, mention “Service Code” G9-26633. (This points the agent to the GREG TAMBLYN’S DALMATIAN COAST CRUISE.)


Travel protection is highly recommended. It covers you for almost any reason you need to cancel, unforeseen emergencies, medical, baggage, etc.

- OAT has it, or you can obtain your own.
- Some credit cards have travel protection included, so check with your credit card company. (I have a good tip for this.)

Make sure you compare what is actually covered in different policies!


Grand Circle can probably answer specific tour questions better than I can, but feel free to call me any time: 816-756-0069. If you get the voice mail, just leave your name, number, and I’ll get back to you asap. Or you can always email.


I’ll do everything I can to make sure you have the most wonderful, memorable adventure imaginable. If you’ve ever dreamed about cruising or visiting this part of the world, I hope you’ll join me on this fantastic trip.

- Greg

Feel free to leave your comments in the Comment box below. All questions will be answered. If you’ve never commented on this blog before, your comment will have to be approved (by me) before it is posted. But it will, as soon as I can.

More Photos:

taxiruinsHikingGuardsSmall BoatHike 2Boat


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9 Responses to Cruise Greece, Coatia, the Adriatic, & the Dalmatian Coast, April 2019

  1. ELizabeth Pawluk says:

    Hi Greg, The tour looks fantastic and we are definitely up for it. I e-mailed Grand Circle as we’re not able to access the 800# from Canada. Do you happen to have their phone number? Thanks. Elizabeth

    • admin says:

      Yes, Elizabeth. Outside the US the phone number is 813-558-6500.
      Just tell them you’d like more info about my cruise, or that you’re ready to reserve your spaces, and they’ll transfer you to the right folks.

      Be sure and use our cruise code: G9-26633. (This points the agent to the GREG TAMBLYN’S DALMATIAN COAST CRUISE.)

      Hope to see you next spring!

  2. Kay Christensen says:

    This tour looks “yummy”!!!
    This is a part of the world that has been of interest ever since my son visited Corfu 20+ yrs ago.

  3. Janice R Stone says:

    We did this trip last year and it was great.

  4. Marian Vail says:

    2019 right?

  5. Mark Lofgren says:

    Hi Greg,
    Trip looks great! We wouldn’t have noticed it unless we’d seen your post on facebook. Did you email info on this as well?

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