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In This Issue:

  • LaughterJam Humor Antenna
  • Ireland Group Adventure
  • MilkSnort! Update
  • Upcoming Schedule

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle
“A good time to laugh is when you can.” – Jessamyn West
“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss

Here in The U.S. of Stress, we get so busy we frequently forget to have fun. Or we put it off. Sometimes we even feel guilty, because we’re supposed to be “working.” We can’t help it. It’s that Puritan cultural DNA we’ve inherited.

H. L. Mencken said that Puritanism is:
“The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

So we can all benefit from humor breaks during the day, and as the above quotes attest, even a little bit can go a long way.

What are some good ways to do that?  Read on, Grasshopper…

Bags-Are-Our-Passion-min-tiny           (I’m glad bags are their passion. I hope that includes guitar cases)

LaughterJam Humor Workshop

This is the name of a new playshop I’ve created for 2019, which I’ll be offering at many of my appearances. Part One (of 3) is what I call The Humor Antenna, or Mirthful Mindfulness, or Mindful Mirthfulness.*

* NOTE: this does not require any WORK.

It’s simply about making a decision every day to be on the lookout for the weird, wild, wacky, and wonderful. Then if possible, collect it and share it:

Unattended-Children-Will-Be-Sold-min-tiny                      (Sign spotted in Joe’s Crab Shack, Redondo Beach)

Humor is an attitude, like gratitude, compassion, forgiveness. It can be cultivated and developed. It’s a mindset, and one of the very best ways to get more humor into our lives is to just pay attention.

It shows up all the time in unexpected quips or malapropisms, funny signs, creative t-shirts, strange product labels, awkward headlines, kid and pet antics. You might even find it in the slogan of a famous and very large Chinese Buddhist Temple in greater Los Angeles:

Always-Well-Rounded-And-min-tiny (Happy to say that my own personal unit is getting more well-rounded every day)
                      (Love the blow-up pigs – Year of the Pig!)

So we simply pay attention, find the funny, and if possible, capture it and share it. If you have a smartphone, it’s easy. You can file your funny photos and videos. You can write down funny thoughts and quips (yours or others’) on your notes app. After awhile, it’s surprising how much Hahaha you’ve hoarded.

Use it for the amusement of your own personal self when you’re stuck in line. Inflict it on other people when you see their eyes glazing over. Because you collect the funny, they will start to see you as funny. If they don’t already.

And YOU will have changed the way you see the world every day!

All the above photos were taken on a trip to LA a couple of weeks ago. I returned home to find that somebody had installed this in our neighborhood traffic circle:
Banana-Traffic-Circle-min-tiny           (It’s true, every neighborhood roundabout needs a giant banana)

Feel free to send me any original humor that shows up for you. I’ll try to feature it in future newsletters, and also on my JokeQuote site. Giving you the proper credit, of course.

Join Me In Ireland This October

Happy to report I’m in super-fun talks with a fabulous tour company, putting the finishing touches on what looks to be a fantastic itinerary of the Old Sod. This is mostly a tour for folks who would love to explore the highest highlights (figuratively) of the whole island, including Northern Ireland.

As of now it looks like a 13-14 day tour, departing October 10. (So you’ll be back in plenty of time for Halloween.) And if you’re alert, with all of your Christmas shopping finished! Hope to announce it within a week or so, and I’ll have a lot more info for you then.

Please keep your eye on your inbox. There’s been a lot of interest in this tour, so you’ll want to sign up as soon as you can commit.

MilkSnort! Seems To Be A Hit

I’m getting great feedback so far about MilkSnort! The Joke party Game from you early adopters – thank you!

If you haven’t tried it yet -  (why not??)  – you could be in for some great laughs and a ton of fun. Makes a terrific gift. You can bring it to the party and everybody gets to enjoy it right now!  Check it out here.

Upcoming Appearance Schedule

Here’s what’s currently confirmed. Many more venues – especially in Colorado, California, and Texas, are awaiting firm dates. Many of these dates will be offering the LaughterJam Humor Workshop, in addition to other fun stuff.
For locations, times, content, and tickets, always please go to my Calendar:

Mar 28-31: Posi Music Awards and Festival, Tampa FL
* I’ll be presenting the LaughterJam Humor Workshop

Apr 7: Indianapolis IN
Apr 14, 15: Naperville IL
Apr 22-26: Council Grove Conference, KS (private event)
May 5: (on hold for N California venue)
May 19: Bloomington IN
Oct 10: Ireland Adventure Tour
Nov 9,10: Torrington CT
Nov 11: Cape Cod, MA
Dec 1: Albuquerque NM
Dec 8: Manhattan KS

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

I hope to see you out there on the road, and as always, my atoms are your atoms.
- Greg
fullsizeoutput_171f(Passed this sign last Monday in Brookfield MO on the drive home from Indiana)

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