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Help Me Choose My Song Art

Thanks for checking out this potential artwork for a single song release of Jesus Was A Bachelor. Whatever piece I end up choosing will have the same wording – song title and my name – so please don’t focus on … Continue reading

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7.99 CD Sale

This coming Thursday and Friday (Nov 30, Dec 1) you can order as many copies as you like of The Shootout At The I’m OK, You’re OK Corral and Art From The Heart for only $7.99 plus postage. * Prefer … Continue reading

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Monsters In The Bedroom

A few decades ago I inhabited a creaky old house I’d bought as a fixer-upper. Except for a squirrel that sometimes gnawed its way into the attic, I lived there alone. The house always felt a little strange to me, … Continue reading

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Friends, Lovers, Fellow Travelers, Thanks for checking out our Beautiful Ecuador, South to North Tour (January 11), with optional extensions cruising the Galapagos (January 21). I challenge you to read our day-by-day itinerary and not be reaching for your passport! … Continue reading

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When Irish Eyes Are Chasing The Eclipse

A couple of years ago my friend John Dunne from Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio) emailed me and said he was coming to the US for the solar eclipse. Naturally I replied, “What solar eclipse?” I know what you’re thinking: “Greg, … Continue reading

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Comical Kiwi Land

A Few Funnier Photos from our New Zealand group tour Anywhere you travel in the world, you can find some local version of deep-fried dough: No idea what a golden hippo is doing in New Zealand: “Going green” over here … Continue reading

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Jumping Off A Perfectly Good Bridge (+ video)

I wasn’t intending to jump off this bridge. Even though lots of other people were doing it. I could hear my mom’s voice in my head: “Just because other people jump off a bridge doesn’t mean you have to do … Continue reading

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Contest: Artwork Needed For Single Song Release!

I’m happy to report that “Jesus Was A Bachelor” is a finalist for an EmPower Posi Music Award. (Winners announced in February.) Also, the response to the free download for my subscribers a couple of months ago was kind of … Continue reading

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Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome

Two quick stories illustrating two different aspects of the phenomenon I like to call Blurt-itis. (Something I’m quite familiar with.) 1.  Recently I boarded a plane and was getting settled in my window seat. As other folks were boarding, I … Continue reading

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Thanks for checking out New Zealand Natural Wonders North and South, hosted by me, Greg, your friendly neighborhood musical lafologist. This page is for a second tour to begin immediately after the first one ends. The first one filled up … Continue reading

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