Comedy Keynote Concerts

Comedy Keynote Concerts

Elevate your endorphins, amplify your amusement, energize your audience, and improve your digestion with hilarious, heartfelt songs and stories that celebrate the best in ourselves, and help us laugh at the rest of ourselves.

“Ha Ha” with an “Aha!”

  • Experience how finding the humor in challenges reduces them to manageable proportions.
  • Rewire your thinking with empowering messages subtly inserted through the right-brain doorway of music and laughter.
  • Feel the high-endorphin effects of laughter on your physical, mental, and emotional states.
  • Explore the power of group participation in elevating our collective wellness.

For sample videos, presentation descriptions, and client comments, click here.

One Response to Comedy Keynote Concerts

  1. Claudia Quill says:

    When are you coing back to Santa Fe to sing?

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