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If you like the stories in this blog, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy my book, Atilla The Gate Agent: Travel Tales and Life Lessons from a Musical Laf-ologist. It’s a collection of unlikely events and fascinating people, mostly from the road, and frequently funny. There’s often some learning involved, certainly for me, and hopefully for you. It’s been described as “Ha ha with an Aha!”

You can check it out here.

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  1. beth says:

    I’m a dental hygienist. I went into the dark room to develope my patients xrays and when I returned to my operatory I saw some new glasses on the counter. I thought “Oh, the other hyg has some new safety glasses” so i put them on and cleaned my patients teeth. At the end of the appt, he asked for his glasses back. I glanced over the counter and didn’t see them anywhere…then I realized I had them on. I took them off and gave them to him. My office printed the incident in our newsletter as a “haha”. I could see fine wearing his glasses to clean his teeth.

  2. Celeste Terken says:

    While walking along a California beach a man found a magic lamp. Unfortuneately the genie told him there was only 1 wish remaining.
    “Then I want a bridge built so that anytime I wanted to go to Hawaii I could drive there”".
    That is possible said the genie but it would cause tremendous impact to the environment and ocean transportation. Would he like to reconsider his request.
    I always wanted to understand women, to communicate with them and know how to please them.
    The Genie replied “Do you want 1 or 2 lanes on the bridge?”"

  3. Celeste Terken says:

    Disregard previous message just watched your video again and see that song is already on your capture list.

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