Keto Diary

Day 1, Saturday June 8 2019

Goal is less than 30 grams of carbs per day. Reasonable amounts of grass-fed protein and healthy fats. Around 2,000 calories/day. Trying to eat all food between noon and 10pm. No additional exercise for now, so I can see what the diet does by itself. No additional supplements.

Also doing the Maffetone Keto Carb Intolerance test, and planning to do it for at least 4 weeks instead of 2. Maybe longer. This means nothing with any kind of sweet taste, not even stevia or fruit. No starches either. The point is to find out if I have carb intolerance – or insulin resistance – if they’re not the same thing. Pretty sure I do. Been having a hard time losing the 15-20 lbs I gained 2.5 years ago.

Several other goals besides losing weight, as I’ll report in the future.

Day 7

Voice is much stronger this morning. First day that’s happened. Also have lost about 2 lbs this week. Feel a bit lighter when I get up from a squat, too.

Been doing the Maffetone coffee with egg yolk (2) and raw butter in mornings. So far the 30 grams of carbs have come in some combination of:

  • 1 scoop amazing grass in water (4)
  • 1 scoop of Gundry cocoa Heart Defense in water (5)
  • 1 cup of Trader Joes cauliflower rice stir fry with peas and corn (8)
  • 1/2 package of Trader Joe’s frozen 4 green vegetables
  • 1 cup of pressure cooked zuchini (8)
  • 2 cups cooked collards (7)
  • bag of raw romaine lettuce (9)
  • a few raw mini-carrots (1 gram per 2 carrots)
  • avocado (5 per small half)
  • raw grass fed cheddar (1 gram per 2 oz)
  • macadamia nuts (1 per 2 nuts)
  • red wine (4 per 5 oz)

It’s been fairly easy so far. Occasionally craving sweet taste, but more often get munchies in evening. Sleeping a bit more, and more tired in evenings. Feels good to finally start losing some weight.

Day 20, Friday June 28, 2019

Lost approx 5 lbs. Weight seems to vary from 153-155 this week.

Switched from raw grass-fed cheddar to Monterey Jack: no carbs.

No idea if I’m in ketosis or not. Doing fairly well staying at 30 grams of carbs or less. Hardest at night. The coffee with butter and 2 egg yolks really satisfies me for 2-3 hours in the morning. Been getting up mostly between 9 and 11 AM. Have noticed I think I’m starting to have more days with steady energy, no nap. At least somewhat.

Still eating as described in Day 6. No sweet taste of any kind. Last year when I did no sweet taste for a month, I remember like all inflammation pain (toe, finger) disappeared. That hasn’t happened yet.

Haven’t resumed stretching yet, need to start.

Day 36, Saturday July 13 2019 – Five Weeks

Still doing well. Kinda sorta blew it Weds when Ruth and Sam wanted bbq, and I took them to Bryants. Between a few fries, the sauce on the burnt ends, and some wine at my house beforehand I had maybe 50 carbs that day. But right back on the wagon after that. So I’ve made it 5 weeks for the first time in….40 years? Maybe. Still feel highly motivated. The firm limit of 30 carbs makes it easier, I think.

This is my first TRAVEL WEEKEND since I started, and those Trader Joes Chomps sticks really help. All protein, no carbs. So I can have some of those and a few macadamia nuts and get pretty satisfied, like on the long flight. I did have 4 bites of fruit yesterday with my omelette at Denny’s. First fruit in 5 weeks. Not planning to continue. Just occurs to me maybe I could have asked them for raw carrots?

Have switched to decaf coffee all week until just now at Kristin’s in Walnut Creek. All she has is caf. So I’ll go buy some decaf for the next 2 days.

Benefits:  My voice MAY be getting better. Let’s see how tomorrow morning goes at Walnut Creek. As for weight, have to wait till Tuesday when home.

5 weeks is pretty good! Not all the benefits I’d hoped for so far, but feeling a bit more energy, and weight is definitely down. Pants are looser.

Also, have started stretching again this week.

Day 43, Saturday July 20, Six weeks!

The big news this week is my voice. For 3 days now it’s been consistently clearer. Not all the way back where it was when I was young and could sing really easily and well, but better enough to be fun to sing again. Big difference. Pretty exciting actually. Feels great.

Also feel less congested, much less phegmmy in nose and throat. This in spite of eating some cheese almost every day, and an occasional half glass of beer, which very probably has gluten in it.

So this combination of less congestion and singing much better is very encouraging. I remember what Jay Bell said back in 1983 about how once I get congested it’ll be hard as hell to get rid of it. Now I know for sure what he meant.

He also said if I put anything in my mouth that tastes sweet, to spit it out. Well, I’ve been not perfect but damn close for 6 weeks, and I can feel myself losing that sugar addiction, slowly but surely. Still occasionally want something sweet, but bitter decaf coffee usually does the trick.

Slowly but surely losing weight, too. 7 lbs in 6 weeks. Pants looser.

Also, my skin is itching way less than it used to.


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