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It’s a well-kept secret that I have a small songbook (7 songs), and it’s available by special order. The songs included are

  • The Grand Design (Posi Award nominee)
  • Love Will Come Around (Posi Award winner)
  • Unconditional Love (Posi Award Nominee)
  • Ready To Use The Gifts I’ve Been Given (Posi Award Nominee)
  • All These Atoms (Posi Award Winner)
  • Love Is Real
  • (Can’t You Just) Feel My Love

(All These Atoms is lead sheet only. The others are full piano parts.)

It’s available for $20, and includes US Postage. Just call the office: 816-756-0069

I can either take your credit card over the phone, send you a paypal request, or you can mail a check for $20 to Greg Tamblyn, PO Box 45258, Kansas City MO 64171-8258


Eventually I plan to sheetify even more tunes. To do ‘em all would take forever and cost a fortune, so I’d like to know which ones you [music directors, piano players, guitar pickers, singers] might like to have, and what formats you prefer.

  • FORMAT 1 (Simpler): vocal lead sheet, lyrics and chord symbols
  • FORMAT 2 (More complex): the above plus piano arrangement
  • FORMAT 1+ or FORMAT 2+ (Guitar players): do you need guitar chord fingering diagrams?

Here are the potential songs for sheetification. (If you don’t see one of my titles here, then it’s not a song I have the rights to.) Thanks for taking a minute and letting me know any titles you’re interested in, and in what form, by commenting in the box below.

From The Grand Design CD:

  • All These Atoms
  • Writer’s Block (The Long Term Positive and Negative Effects of Worry)
  • Dolphin Therapy
  • I Know Who I Am
  • My Family
  • Still Finding My Way
  • When Carl Sagan Died
  • I Thought I Would Miss Her
  • Little Mouth Blues
  • Proctor And Johnson’s Pills
  • Type A-Ness
  • My Ride Home From Neptune

From the Art From The Heart CD:

  • So Much Love
  • I Think Of God As A Poet
  • What We Want From Other People
  • Stand Like Mountain, Move Like Water
  • Leftovers
  • Underachievers Anonymous
  • The Night I Left My Body

From the How Could Life Be Better Than This CD:

  • Amazon
  • Roberto’s Song (How Could Life Be Better Than This)
  • Walking The Same Road
  • One Day On The Fields Of France
  • Chasin’ A Dream (The Golf Song)
  • Just Enough To Get Me By
  • Touch Like A Lover, Talk Like A Friend
  • The Hallways Of My Mind

From the No Credentials Whatsoever CD:

  • The Whole World’s Gone To The Bahamas
  • No Credentials Whatsoever
  • My Life Is A Beer Commercial
  • Clyde, My Inner Guide
  • I Don’t Know (Exactly Where I’m Going)

From The Shootout At The I’m Ok, You’re OK Corral CD:

  • Just A Little Soul Hanging Out In Space
  • The Shootout At The I’m OK, You’re OK Corral
  • They Know

From the Analog Brain In A Digital World CD:

  • Analog Brain In A Digital World
  • More Now later
  • Self-Employment Made harder By Difficult Boss
  • The Shootout At The I’m OK, You’re OK Corral
  • Creativity
  • Why They Broke Up
  • Common Side Effects Include
  • A Brief History Of God (G-String Theory)

In the comment box below, please list (A) the songs you’d like and (B) the form you need them in. NOTE: If you’ve never commented here before, or if your email has changed since your last comment, it’ll take a few minutes for me to approve your comment before it posts. But it will!  Thanks!

- Greg

7 Responses to Songbook & Sheet Music

  1. Janet says:

    I want Call The Lamas!! But Stand Like Mountain, Move Like Water and Hallways of My Mind are also faves.

  2. Greg,

    First – you are a gift in this world! Your presence, humor, connection … in addition to your talents at creating and performing music … are powerful. Thank you for doing what it takes to share your gifts! We at Unity of Appleton were SO blessed yesterday!!!

    I LOVE the questions you ask above! As a fellow singer/songwriter, I do have preferences and have experimented with my own music. Personally, I only need format I … as I make up the piano parts from the lead sheet. And, If I know the song, I only need lyrics and chord symbols. I do know how much effort it takes to create the lead sheets and so much more the piano parts!!! I have had David Ezell and Linda Missad create some for me and did one set myself. When it comes to format, what I find most critical is that is is laid out well, the lyrics are large, and the song fits on as few a pages as necessary. When it goes beyond 3, I need to reduce it in order to use it.

    Two other things I think about when I create lead sheets: vocal range and ease of play. I often create a lead sheet with piano friendly and guitar friendly chords – anticipating the guitarist will use a capo.

    Feel free to take a look at the songs and books I have available on my site under “Music Publications”. They are in various degrees of “prettiness” as they’ve evolved through the years.

    Now … as for songs I’d love – a couple because April asked specifically –>

    So Much Love
    Stand Like Mountain, Move Like Water
    Underachievers Anonymous
    Dolphin Therapy

    I think I answered your questions above. Questions? Feel free to connect.


  3. Hans van der Wal says:

    I would like to receive guitarchords for the song My Family.
    Preferable for IOS.

    Thanking you very much in advance.

    Hans van der Wal
    The Netherlands

  4. Celeste Terken says:

    More Now Later in sheet music. And if you ever think of doing a CD of just music for congregational songs. I may come up with a list of suggested songs. Plenty of time as I am supposed to be working on my SKywriting Seminar the next two weeks so I will get back to you. PS Check is in the mail for 7 songs. Virtual Hugs and Kisses – Celeste

  5. Hans van der Wal says:

    Hi Greg,
    I’m one of seven children and our family is planning a familyday;
    In total we’ll be with 30 people from three generations.
    I would like to receive guitarchords from your song “my family”
    Thanks in advance for your reply

  6. Audrey Doetzel says:

    Your music is beautiful …. inspiring.

    I would like the lyrics for I KNOW WHO I AM (A sensational piece. Thank You!)

  7. Lise says:

    I would love Stand Like Mountain! I’m a storyteller, and this is such a riveting story. Thanks for what you do.

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