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Here are a few ways to get in touch:

1. For general questions, please visit my contact page.

2. For booking inquiries, go here.

3. Or leave a note in the reply box below.

7 Responses to Ways To Contact

  1. Anita Dalton says:

    Greg, I met u @ Unity in Prescott….Purchased one of your CD’s and loved it ….I Own and run a large Store in Sedona…Center for the New Age and would like to carry your products..Please forward me a wholesale price list and catalog . Thanks Anita Dalton

  2. Rick Zwermann says:

    Howdy, Lori played me “All These Atoms”. It is an amazingly funny and awesome song. I wanted to post a link to it on my Facebook for my buds but I couldn’t find a playable link.

    A) Do you have a playable link?

    B) Lori suggested she & I make a video for you and post it to YouTube…thoughts?

    Later, Rick

  3. Gayle Ball says:

    Evy McDonald’s story is encouraging and gives me hope that perhaps I can learn from her experience and reverse some serious health issues as well. Would it be possible to obtain this article that you have shared on the computer. I can’t print it up but would be willing to pay for expenses for a reprint. I would like to reread this often as I do believe in miracles and this was indeed proof of our higher self. Blessings Gayle Ball

  4. Jeanne Nicholas says:

    Hi Greg-
    Not really sure how I met you or even if I did….but maybe also at Unity of Prescott as I see above… Anyway… I have returned to the world of Music Therapy (as a therapist not a patient…theoretically anyway :) and am utilizing songs from “Grand Design” CD in some of my groups….wanted you to know how much I and the folks I spend 40 hours a week with appreciate your humor, insight and music… AND I wonder if there is anywhere other than website where your CDs can be purchased (patients are not allowed internet access).
    PS….do you have any AZ gigs coming up? Would love to hear you “live”!

  5. Hi Greg, we met at Unity of Springfield, Mo that is! Can’t wait to hear about this 3 year project you have up your sleeve. Please let us at Giggleboxes know if you want some playmates!
    Thanks and have fun,

  6. Susan says:

    Please put me on your mailing list. I think you’re great!

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