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Track List and Song Samples

1. Analog Brain In A Digital World   
2. Multitasking    
3. The Shootout At The I'm OK You're OK Corral (2009)  
4. Self-Employment Made Harder By Difficult Boss
    (new verse)
5. Creativity  
6. More Now Later  
7. Why They Broke Up  
8. The Perfect Woman    
9. The (New) Top Ten Whiny Victim Love Songs  
10. Commercial    
11. Common Side Effects Include  
12. A Brief History Of God (G-String Theory)  
13. Dad's Ashes    
14: Matching Luggage    
15. Fundamental Frequency
16. James Taylor's Seaweed

“If these were the songs people were singing, we’d be wetting ourselves from laughter.... Love the songs, Greg. Keep it up.”
          Patch Adams, MD

“Greg, the Analog Brain CD honest to god made me laugh out loud while driving on the freeway at dangerous speeds. Your songs are hazardous to pomp, ceremony and all manner of jargon and psychocrap. Love em.”
          Sam Keen, author of Fire in the Belly, To Love
            and Be Loved
, and more


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Look over the autographed napkin described in
"James Taylor's Seaweed," and see how many famous
names you can identify before you peek at the answers.

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