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As a Funny Motivational Speaker  I'll help your folks laugh, lighten up, look at life differently, and live more effectively. When I'm your conference opener, they'll leave ready and receptive for a day of learning. When I'm your closer they'll go home enlightened, entertained, and inspired. With fun tools they can use immediately.

Live-streaming or recorded-streaming during coronavirus?  Absolutely!

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Take a break with this timely video - one of my most requested songs: "All These Atoms"

"All These Atoms" won an EmPower Music Award as Most Uniting Song. Recently my friend Dave Clark  (no, not that Dave Clark)  had this clever idea for a video. Many of these silly selfies were sent in by facebook friends.

In keynote presentations, this song reminds us how we're all connected, in ways we don't even realize. It has the happy side benefit of being a cool little science lesson.

It shows us we can live every day with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor.

Free Tips For Injecting Humor Into Your Next Online Event Or Zoom Meeting

Planning an event or meeting?  Looking for ways to make sure everybody gets a healthy dose of laughter?

I'll be happy to send you some funny material that you (and/or your emcee) can use online or onstage to energize and humorize your audience. It's a simple pdf file containing:

  • My Favorite Fast Funny Ways To Inject Humor Into Your Event
  • Top Ten Great Jokes For Your Next Zoom Meeting

These funny tools will get your gang loosened up, lightened up, and laughing out loud. You can use them to open up, or between speakers, during stretch breaks, and any time you need a change of pace. They're easy and guaranteed funny.

Just complete the form below and I'll personally email you the tip sheet asap. I'd love to know how well they work for you. Enjoy!

Message to Event Planners from Greg...

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  • One they'll remember, think about, use, quote from, and even sing along to.
  • One that makes you look like a genius for hiring me.

Want to do it remotely, virtually, digitally, online?  We can do that.

Have a look around! Then please Contact me and let's explore the possibilities.

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Self-Employment Made Harder By Difficult Boss

If your audience contains self-employed folks, entrepreneurs, work-at-homes, this song is right up their alley. It's a reminder not to be too hard on ourselves.