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"Greg Tamblyn's concert, Saving the World From Whiny Victim Love Songs, was a hilarious evening of humor, elegantly poetic lyrics, great music, and captivating stories. The audience loved his irreverent sense of humor, especially the preview of his title song from his live comedy CD, Analog Brain In A Digital World..." We left the concert dancing on a cloud of endorphins!
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“Analog Brain In A Digital World honest to god made me laugh out loud while driving on the freeway at dangerous speeds. Your songs are hazardous to pomp, ceremony and all manner of jargon and psychocrap. I love ‘em.”
--Sam Keen, Author

“No Contest! This is the cleverest musical take on modern life. Yourcheeks will hurt from laughter as your heart fills with empathy.”
-- PJ Birosik, Yoga Journal ("The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral")

"If you're expecting funny, you've come to the right place....Tamblyn's combination of penetrating wit, shrewd insight, deftness with words, amiable stage presence, and dry delivery makes this the funniest, most laugh out loud musical humor I've heard..."
--John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music

"Tamblyn's timing would be the envy of many a standup comedian. He has a knack for a well-turned phrase or a sly and painful pun, and isn't afraid to show off an optimism rare in observational humor. And he has an excellent partner, not in his occasional vocal allies, but in his guitar. It strums along or interjects notes of disbelief or amazement, sometimes acting as a melodic straight man and sometimes as the wacky sidekick."
--Sarah Meador, Rambles.net

“If music is the universal language and laughter is the best medicine, then Greg Tamblyn has a license to heal anywhere in the world.”
-- Topeka Capitol-Journal, Topeka, KS

“Musically, Tamblyn dabbles in several styles, with the bluesy ode to "Leftovers" providing the album's finest melody. But what listeners will remember most, and what has earned Tamblyn his acclaim, is his knack for writing insightful, often amusing lyrics.”
-- Pitch Weekly, Kansas City (“Art From the Heart”)

“Love is not the only universal language, at least not in the mind of musician Greg Tamblyn, who uses his music to help people look on the bright side of a sometimes stressful life. People have always been inspired and entertained by Tamblyn's music.”

-- Gwinnett Daily Post, Lawrenceville, GA (Atlanta area)

“A lot of music talks about the power of love. Tamblyn's music focuses on people using that power to improve their lives and self-esteem.”
-- The Key West Citizen

“Tamblyn was a big hit. He both dazzled and inspired.”
-- Kane County (IL) Chronicle

“Greg Tamblyn isn't a preacher, but he does have an inspirational, uplifting message: life is challenging for everybody. You have to laugh at it and not take yourself too seriously.”
-- Springfield (MO) News-Leader

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