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Greg Tamblyn CD cover: "Analog Brain In A Digital World"

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    Physical Albums (CDs)

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    The Grand Design: Two CD Set
    • The Grand Design: Two CD Set

    The Grand Design: Two CD Set

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    Double CD. One CD of studio tracks about Big Love, connection, science, spirituality. One CD of live musical humor. Contains award-winning songs "All These Atoms" and "Holy Now," and award-nominated songs "The Grand Design" and "Writer's Block." Includes extensive liner notes and lyrics booklet.

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    USB Flash Drives

    Greg's Complete Songs and Stories (Published)
    • Greg's Complete Songs and Stories (Published)
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    These are a great way to plug music directly into your computer, or a newer car with no CD player. Includes all 6 of my albums. 77 tracks, plus lyrics and cover art. Includes ePub and Mobi (kindle) ebook copies of my book "Atilla The Gate Agent" (alternate title: "Normally Peculiar"). These are customized individually so I can also add whatever you like. Plenty of room on these drives (2 GB) for your own files too. Add music, or documents you need to transfer, your own photos, videos, etc. FREE SHIPPING

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    "Analog Brain in a Digital World" t-shirts

    Image of Greg Tamblyn t-shirt with slogan: analog brain in a digital world, white lettering on black shirt.

    Caption on t-shirt is easily readable from 6 feet away. Includes Free U.S. Shipping

    • T-shirt


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    A true conversation starter! White lettering on black Hanes high-quality t-shirt. They tend to run a bit small, so can shrink easily if you want them to. I typically wear a Medium shirt but I take a Large in this. (Currently out of size Medium but check back soon.)

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    Greg's Book of Funny Inspirational Stories

    Atilla The Gate Agent (Travel Tales and Life Lessons From a Musical Lafologist). 100 pages
    • Atilla The Gate Agent (Travel Tales and Life Lessons From a Musical Lafologist). 100 pages
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    "Atilla The Gate Agent" is a clever, inspiring collection of insights gleaned from Greg's travels while "saving the world from whiny victim love songs." Discover Bog Snorkeling in Ireland, and quirky inspirational characters like Patch Adams. Chuckle over thousands of birds inside a Mexican bus station, and floating a player piano down a river in Alaska. Learn how one woman healed herself from Lou Gehrig's disease, and the real reasons everyone should visit Kansas. (At least once, anyway.) Enjoy Greg's life lessons from the sewers of Paris, and the touching-yet-amusing way his family donated his father's ashes to the local golf course.

    "In 'Atilla The Gate Agent' Greg Tamblyn strips away the seriousness of life, and exposes the humorous side we often miss. Tamblyn is a contemporary Mark Twain, who once remarked, 'I have known a great many troubles in my life, most of which never happened. Buy ten copies of 'Atilla The Gate Agent' - one for you and nine for your friends. You'll make the world a better place." - Larry Dossey, MD, author of "Space, Time, and Medicine" and many other best sellers.

    "It's about time Greg Tamblyn wrote a book. His song lyrics have been inspiring us for so long now. He sneakily delivers the insight and wisdom of the best self-help books, but is way funnier!" - Pam Grout, author of "E-Squared" and other best sellers

    "A delightful read! Greg Tamblyn's ability to tell a good story rivals his exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter." - Dr. Mardy Grothe, author of "Oxymoronica," "I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like" and many others.

    "Laugh and Learn on this travel adventure with a suspiciously healthy guide. Greg Tamblyn will provide you with some contagious ideas to help you turn the stuff you have to deal with into fertilizer for growth." - Bowen White, MD, author of "Why Normal Isn't Healthy" and "The Clinicians Guide To Spirituality"


    "I just finished your book 'Atilla the Gate Agent' and loved it! 'Chairman Mao's Lighter' and 'Stand Like Water........'" are two of my favorites. Your wit and insight shine through all the stories. Thanks." - Ralph Diamond, Cape Cod MA

    “Your book is good medicine. You have a little Dave Barry meets Mark Twain meets Harlan Ellison meets Hugh Prather meets Chuang Tsu vibe going on. As if they all got together and created an unholy creation (after everyone called them mad): you.” - Rabbi Steve Vale

    I truly enjoyed your compendium of short stories. What a marvelous collection of essays recounting some of the inward and outward journeys you've experienced as you've traveled across the country and around the globe. I found reading your book such a pleasure. - David Brush

    “I just got home from choir practice where I had your book tucked in a sleeve in my binder. As I was turning the pages, your book fell out and all the people around me recognized it! One person picked it up and held it up to many others nearby and said "Hey, look what she has!" Of course, that started a conversation of how much we enjoyed you! I almost got scolded for disrupting choir practice.” - Michele Day

    “Greg, I am in middle of reading your book and just absolutely adore it! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories.” - Alex Newman

    “A girlfriend and I were reading your book at bedtime. We laughed so hard at times tears ran down our faces and we couldn't finish our sentences. Others in the house were wondering what we were doing. I love the book and now have a 2nd copy to share with others.” - Mary Ann, Phoenix AZ

    “Just had to tell you that I was feeling down and then remembered your book I bought when you were in concert in Tacoma. Reading a different story each morning...feeling better. Read it just when I needed to. Thanks for writing it.” - Shelly, Seattle WA

    “Hi Greg! I've been home sick for 2 days with a cold, and ran out of reading material. Luckily I found your book, which I had purchased at your concert. What a terrific, inspiring book. Loved the stories of Evy McDonald and Patch Adams, and of course all your own stories. Thanks!” - Pat, Kansas City

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    Digital Books


    Greg Tamblyn Songbook
    • Greg Tamblyn Songbook

    Greg Tamblyn Songbook

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    (FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.) Contains these 7 songs: The Grand Design, All These Atoms, Unconditional Love (The Story of Evy), Love Will Come Around, Love Is Real, (Can't You Just) Feel My Love, Ready To Use The Gifts I've Been Given. "All These Atoms" is lead sheet only, the other 6 are full piano/guitar arrangements. Includes a free download of "Ready To Use The Gifts I've Been Given."

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