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Group Travel

Hi! Thanks for checking out the group travel page.

My focus is always to create fun and community within the group so that we become connected, happy, mutually supportive travelers. (That way there's no whining!) Another goal is for us to return feeling a sense of renewal--physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually--with some new insights and ways of being in our lives.

I do this by coaching our guides to help us achieve these goals, and by leading some singing, joke-telling, and usually some meditative moments at various times along the way. Sometimes even a full concert. I also want us to represent our countries and our cultures in the best possible ways to the people we're visiting.

So, come join one of our adventures. If you'd like to learn about upcoming trips, please feel free to email me with questions. You can also read about previous adventures in the blog, and in my new book.

Click here to see photos of our 2004 trip to Bali

Click here to see Photos from our 2002 Trip to China & Tibet

Click here to see Photos from our 2001 Trip to Peru & Machu Picchu

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